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Welcome to

Bubble House

Experience the Magic with Our Bubble Tent Parties

Step into the magical world and enchanting beauty of our 3-metre-high bubble dome.

With a 2.2 metres high entrance, it is perfect for the young and the young at heart.


With its transparent walls, you can enjoy the views of the surrounding environment from inside the dome, or, keep a watchful eye on your children from outside the bubble dome.


To add an extra touch of excitement and joy to your birthday party, we have a wide range of balloon colours and styles to choose from.

You can pick the balloons that match your party's theme or the guest of honour's favourite shades. Balloons can also be used as decorations for the

entrance or as props for fun photo opportunities. Overall, adding balloons can be a simple yet effective way to enhance the birthday party experience and

create unforgettable memories!



From * $ 450.00

Subject to Availability - *conditions apply

Make an enquiry today!


What surface is the inflatable going on? If we can’t peg the inflatable down into the grass we will need to bring sandbags for the children’s safety.

 Grass (We’ll peg it into the ground)

Synthetic Grass (6 x Sandbags) $60.00

 Concrete (6 x Sandbags) $60.00

 Floorboards/Carpet (6 x Sandbags) $60.00

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