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Confetti Special Effects

Add Sparkle to Any Event with Confetti Special Effects

Confetti Special Effects offers eoc-friendly and biodegradable confetti perfect for any wedding, event, corporate, or birthday celebration. Our confetti is made from natural, biodegradable, and non-toxic materials that are safe for the environment, leaving no mess behind! Add a touch of sparkle and color to your occasion with Confetti Special Effects.

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The Ultimate Party Accessory: The Confetti Gun

Add fun and excitement to your special occasion with this Confetti Gun! This electric device is shaped like a gun and is perfect for nightclubs, weddings, gender reveals, corporate events and birthdays. With three channels, you can insert one, two, or three electric confetti cannons into the barrel(s). When the trigger is pulled, the confetti gracefully floats down towards the crowd to create a professional effect. Choose from a wide range of colours and get up to 6 metres of coverage with each shot! This Confetti Gun is sure to make your special event a memorable one.

Create an Amazing Atmosphere with the Led Confetti Blower

The Led Confetti Blower is the perfect way to add a memorable touch to any special occasion. This confetti cannon is manually controlled either by hand or via remote and can be filled with a variety of colours and shapes to create a stunning effect. With its easy-to-use design, the Led Confetti Blower is the perfect way to add a unique and exciting touch to any event.

Celebrate with Style - Unleash the Power of the Confetti Air Cannon

Confetti Air Cannons are the perfect way to add excitement and energy to any event! Our cannons are filled with vibrant, colourful confetti that will create an unforgettable atmosphere and take your event to the next level. They can be used indoors or outdoors and are sure to create a stunning visual display.