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Adelaide Starlight Entertainment offers exceptional products and experiences for individuals and businesses who aim to be environmentally responsible.

We take a proactive approach to reducing waste by recycling materials at local recycling centres and repurposing items whenever possible. For hard-to-recycle items that cannot be repurposed or locally recycled, we have found a solution by using TerraCycle®'s Zero Waste Box™. Once we fill a box it is sent to TerraCycle® where they sort and break down the items into raw materials, and then send them to be transformed into new products. These end products may include outdoor furniture and decking, plastic shipping pallets, watering cans, storage containers and bins, tubes for construction applications, flooring tiles, playground surface covers, athletic fields, and more!


By working with us, you can enjoy a memorable event while knowing that you are doing your part to protect the sustainability of our environment.


to find out more about TerraCycle® please go to their website

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