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Wedding Castle

"The perfect addition to your special day - Wedding Jumping Castle!"

Introducing our stunning 5-meter tall, 5-meter wide, and 6-meter deep White Jumping Castle – a pristine canvas for your imagination!

Elevate your events with this versatile inflatable marvel, designed for both indoor and outdoor use.

Customization is key, and our white castle provides the perfect backdrop for your creativity. Adorn it with curtains, florals, balloons, greenery, or any other thematic elements to match your event's aesthetic seamlessly. Our attentive attendant ensures a safe and enjoyable experience, allowing up to 500kg of jumpers, including adults.

For added excitement, discover the small basketball hoop at the back inside the castle – a playful touch for both kids and adults alike.

Perfect for themed parties, children's celebrations, and weddings, this jumping castle brings joy to any occasion.

Make your event memorable with our White Jumping Castle – where imagination meets bouncing bliss!

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From * $ 750.00

Subject to Availability - *conditions apply


What surface is the inflatable going on? If we can’t peg the inflatable into the grass we will need to bring sandbags for the children’s safety.

 Grass (We’ll peg it into the ground)

Synthetic Grass (12 x Sandbags) $120.00

 Half and Half (6 x Sandbags) $60.00

 Concrete (12 x Sandbags & 1 Safety Mat) $150.00

 Floorboards/Carpet (12x Sandbags) $120.00

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