• Perfect for weddings, christenings, white parties ect

  • Perfect for all ages

  • Inflatable Size – W 5.5 x L 5.5 x H 5 meters (Fully inflated)

  • Area required – W 6.5 x L 6.5 x H 5 meters (Fully inflated)



What surface is the inflatable going on? If we can’t peg the inflatable down into grass we will need to bring sand bags for the children’s safety.

 Grass (We’ll peg it into the ground)

 Synthetic Grass (6x Sandbags) ($60.00)

 Half and Half (3x Sandbags) ($30.00)

 Concrete (6x Sandbags & 1 Safety Mat) ($70.00)

 Floorboards (6x Sandbags) ($60.00)